Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation in Basement Area

Mold Remediation is important to take care of properly in your home. This is an elderly lady's home. She was unable to go into her basement. When her relatives ... READ MORE

Stove Fire

Homeowners mother was cooking chicken on the stove top. The homeowners mother forget when she walked away for a moment when the oil caught fire. The fire went u... READ MORE

Mold Remediation after Water Leak in Ceiling

Water heater on second floor was leaking for an unknown amount of time. The homeowners started seeing black spots on the ceiling and started to investigate. The... READ MORE

Water Pipe Break In Department Store

These pictures may not show much but there was water pipe break in a wall near this area. The water slowly leaked and spread across the floor. The department st... READ MORE

Shoe Store Water Damage

This shows a picture of the a shoe store after sprinkler head burst after freezing. This unfortunately happens quite a bit in the New York area during the winte... READ MORE

Wall Paper after Puff Back Cleaning

This center had a large puff back throughout the church. Many of the walls had wallpaper that needed to be saved due to the sentimental value to the church owne... READ MORE

Spiritual Center Puff Back

We got a call for a Spiritual Center that has been vacant for years who just had a puff back in the home. Over 12,000 sq feet were affected. 60 Bedrooms and Mul... READ MORE

Sky Light Leak Causing Mold

The homeowners ignored the sky light leak for months. They thought it was drying after every rain storm so they did not need to fix it. Once they started seeing... READ MORE

Small Water Damage From Toilet Overflow

Sewer backups are a type of water damage homeowners need to be prepared for. This water damage was caused by a younger child putting a toy car into the toilet w... READ MORE

Water Damage from Frozen Pipe Burst

This water damage was caused by a deep freeze the area had. The water damage started after a frozen pipe burst and started flooding down into the kitchen area. ... READ MORE